Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sri Maha Meru

Sri Maha Meru is the three dimentional realization in Samayachara Sri Vidya. The first one is the idol worship of Devi and that is four dimensional. The next level is Maha Meru and the third level which is two dimensional and meditation is in one dimension and finally the merging has no dimensions at all. Maha Meru helps the sadak to solve his/her life problems like money, relationship or health issues. Shri Lalithambika Jyothish Gurukulam has brought out a perfect carving of Maha Meru made out of five elements Gold,Silver,Copper,Brass and Iron.

Pujya Sri Jagannatha Swami energizes the Maha Meru during full moon days with a personalised programming and gives the same to sadaks with a short notes on Simplified Nava Avarana Puja. Every day we receive many thanks letters from the sadaks who have come out of their life problems and henceforth they improve in their Sri Vidya Sadhana.

This Maha Meru is solid one and heavy. The size is 3" x 3". Those who are interested can contact Sri. Raj @ 9790953676. and @ lgraj@srilalithambika.org

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