Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sri Vidya Meditation at Chennai July 2012

A rare opportunity to learn Samayachara Sri Vidya Sadhana at Chennai.
Sri Vidya is a traditional method of spiritual practice for Self-realization. It helps one to attain all the ambitions of earthly life and leads to great wisdom. It bestows physical and mental well being and sanctifies with all auspiciousness.
This course is split into three modules with gap of a month in between each module allowing every learner to practice and get clarified before the next module.
The course inculcates the theory and practice of step by step meditation to energize all chakras from Mooladhara to Sahasrara. Pancha Bhutha Meditation, Nava Graha Meditation, Life saving Mrituynjaya Meditation, Dhanakarshana Meditation, Pancha Dhasakshari Moolamantra Dhyana, Sri Chakra and Maha Meru sadhana and many more techniques will be imparted along with the discourse on Sri Lalitha Sahasranama.
Dr.Sri Jagannatha Swami, a master in Sri Vidya Samayachara sadhana, a kundalini practioner for more than 25 years and the Founder and Head of Sri Lalithambikai Amman Temple, Coimbatore along with his wife Smt. Matha Raja Rajeswari imparts the divine wisdom.
Those who   are willing to participate are requested to register well in advance by paying Rs.2400/- as donation by Cash/Cheque/DD in favour of SHRI LALITHAMBIGA TRUST, payable at COIMBATORE.
VENUE: SRI BABA HALL, No:1, Balakrishnan Naiker Street, West Mamblam, Chennai 600003. Dates: 21, 22 July 2012. Saturday and Sunday.

For Registration: Please call: 9790953676 / 9840848127 (Chennai)

or 9842244674 (Coimbatore)

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